Authentic prints, unique color blends and handmade only, toutchy sleeky 

100% silk kimonos


About Us


Owner & fan of Silk

So Silky is a luxorious 100% silk loungewear made by caring hands someplace magical - in the island of Gods - Bali.

All kimonos are handmade only and carefully sewn from unique floral print and cheerful color blend silk fabric. None of the kimonos are the same as each print is created using authentic Indonesian heritage method - batik. Hence not only your skin is veiled by the toutch of a natural and soft silkwear, but you actually feel special and extraordinarily indulged.

So Silky kimono loungewear is perfect for wearing as a cozy bathrobe right away after waking up in the morning or a sexy summer robe accompanied by your favorite bikini at the pool or the beach. And... just use your immense imagination.

So wrap in your So Silky kimono and feel like home wherever you go.

SO very soft and lovely. I wanted one with sleeves that were not too long and real silk fabric. Patterns are so pretty. Seller very responsible and able to get product to buyers in geographic locations on the other side of the globe.

Karin Sanborn
Brockton, MA

Beautiful material and lovely print :-) I love the feeling of the material on my skin! Fast delivery, attention to detail for the packaging. I would buy again at So Silky.

Cécile Lennerts

Wow! Fantastiškas kimono!  Ilgai lauktas pirkinys, vos tik užsidėjau iš karto įsimylėjau :) Audinys tiesiog nerealus, net nesinori nusiimti, plius puikiai atrodo. 

Esu labai patenkinta savo nauju spintos draugu. Didelis AČIŪ So Silky už mano naują atradimą!

Indrė Rožėnienė
Vilnius, Lithuania

Labai mielas, kokybiškas kimono, todėl turiu jau 2 skirtingų spalvų ir derinu prie skirtingų spalvų maudymosi kostiumėlių :)

Andra Vysniauskaite
Vilnius, Lithuania


Silk is an extraordinarily delicate fabric, which expects an utmost gentle care from you. Weather you are in a rush or lazy, mind the instructions, which will ensure you enjoy wearing your kimono as long as forever.

Hand wash, cold water and separated colors are essential. Trusting your brand new washing machine with the “silk wash” or “delicates” function is not a very bad idea. Nevertheless, always be sure using a mild silk-friendly detergent, then soaking only for few minutes is more than enough. Forget the wringing, trust the gentle laying flat on the dry towel. As a result, you will need only a gentle iron at the lowest heat possible.

Sounds too much to be enough? Not at all. It is a time to wrap yourself into shiny, sleeky and so silky... Kimono.